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Program Meets GPS Standards for all K-12 Grade Levels
Educational materials are customized for any grade level from Kindergarten through High School AP Environmental Science.

School Assembly

Environmental School Assemblies by Naturalists from Georgia Nature Center

All the fun and educational value of a field trip, brought directly to your school!

(Click here to learn more about the Georgia Nature Center which sponsors the assembly program.)

Questions? Call 1-800-800-2SUN.

What does an assembly include? Every school assembly includes ALL of the following...

Full-Size Hybrid Car Demo

Hybrid Cars

When available, a full-size hybrid Toyota Prius will be brought to the school.
Students will learn how the hybrid engine allows this car to go 60 miles on one gallon of gas.

Solar Panels Brought to School
Students will be taught how solar panels generate electricity from the sun.

Hands-On Solar Toys

Solar Toys

Most of the assembly is interactive students can see, hear and touch what they are learning about.

"Kilowatt Ours" Movie Presentation

Kilowatt Ours

Students will view the award-winning movie "Kilowatt Ours".
The movie feature will be followed by a discussion of ways students can save energy.
"Kilowatt Ours" takes an optimistic look at how individuals can make a difference for the future.

Live Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants

Students will see and touch various types of live carnivorous plants.
Several FREE carnivorous plants will be given to students who correctly answer questions about them.

Organic Farming Demonstration
Selected students will have a chance to plant organic garlic or other vegetable plants.
The benefits of organic farming practices will be discussed.

School Assembly Pricing
(up to 300 students)

The program lasts between 2 to 3 hours, and generally
starts between 10 a.m. and 12 noon.

Pricing is based upon your distance from the Georgia Nature Center.

(Click here to compute distance.)

The program is the same price regardless of the number of students, so we recommend
you gather the largest group together that you can, up to 300 total students.

Zone 1
Up to 45 miles from Georgia Nature Center:

Standard Rate: $750
Instant Grant Rate: $499*

Zone 2
45 to 90 miles from Georgia Nature Center:

Standard Rate: $850
Instant Grant Rate: $599*

Zone 3
90 to 120 miles from Georgia Nature Center:

Standard Rate: $950
Instant Grant Rate: $699*

Zone 4
120+ miles from Georgia Nature Center:

(call for price quote)

* Instant Grants are only available to grades K - 5,
and only apply if students are allowed to purchase
educational items, such as carnivorous plants
or solar kits, during the program.

All programs include $80 worth of FREE Carnivorous Plants!


Questions? Call 1-800-800-2SUN.


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