Georgia Nature Center School Assembly Programs
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School Assembly - Reservation Form
School Assemblies must generally be scheduled within 30 days of today's date.
Step 1
Call 1-800-800-2SUN to ensure your desired Assembly date is available. Enter your reservation number here:
Step 2
Enter selected Assembly date & times:
Day of Week:
Date: ,

Assembly Start Time:
This is the time your program will begin.

Assembly End Time:
Select a time which is 2 to 3 hours after the scheduled start time. Most schools have a 30-minute lunch break during the middle of the Assembly; presenters will work around the school's schedule.
Step 3
Select an Assembly Package:

Prices include everything shown on our Assembly web page, including $80 worth of FREE carnivorous plants.
Assembly prices are based upon the number of driving miles between Georgia Nature Center and your school.

Click here to determine zone/distance, or call 1-800-800-2099 for help determining your zone.

Standard Assembly Packages:
Zone 1 - (up to 45 miles) - $750
Zone 2 - (45 to 90 miles) - $850
Zone 3 - (90 to 120 miles) - $950
Zone 4 - (over 120 miles) (ENTER PRICE BELOW)

Instant Grant Assembly Packages:
Note: Instant grants are only available for grades K-5. These are exactly the same as Standard Packages, the only difference is the school allows presenters to sell educational plants & solar kits during or after the program.

Zone 1 - (up to 45 miles) - $499
Zone 2 - (45 to 90 miles) - $599
Zone 3 - (90 to 120 miles) - $699
Zone 4 - (over 120 miles) (ENTER PRICE BELOW)

Custom Pricing (Zone 4 Only):
If reserving an Assembly for Zone 4, call 1-800-800-2099 first to get a price quote. Enter your price quote here:
Zone 4 Only - Custom Price: $
Step 4
Provide your contact information:
Your Name:

Principal's Name (if reservation is for a school):

School or Business Name:

Address where assembly will take place:


State: Zip:

Telephone Number(s): (Please include a cell number.)

School Fax Number (required for reservations from schools):

Your Email Address: (Please double-check for accuracy!)

Step 5
Specify Payment Method:
Credit Card
School Purchase Order
Purchase Order # (if applicable)

If you need to cancel, you must call at least 30 days before your Assembly Date. If you fail to do so, payment of a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total invoice, will remain due. If you need to cancel, please call 1-800-800-2SUN and get a cancellation number. Assembly Start and End Times are approximate, and subject to slight changes based upon traffic or weather conditions, or an unexpected mechanical breakdown.

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