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EcoCamp activities.
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EcoCamp Adventures are divided into numerous small projects
designed to keep kids' attention throughout the entire EcoCamp program.

Students can sign-up for anywhere from one to five days in a row. Each day's
activities are different, so whether a student is signed up for just one, or for
all five days, the experience is equally exciting and rewarding.

Clean Energy Adventures

Clean Energy

     Discover the world of clean energy by exploring a 3,000 watt solar array, a wind turbine, geothermal earth tubes, a hybrid vehicle and more.

Featured Activities
Launch a 50-foot long solar-powered balloon into the sky.
Build and model solar-powered car to take home with you!
Learn ways to reduce energy use and save money at home.
View and learn how solar arrays, a wind turbine and clean energy power station work.
Build a solar-powered "hopping grasshopper" to take home with you!
Build a solar oven you can take home and cook with!
Build a sundial clock to take home with you.

Carnivorous & Exotic Plant Adventures

Carnivorous Plants

     Explore the inner-workings of Georgia Nature Center’s greenhouse and outdoor gardens in a journey through the exciting world of carnivorous plants.

Featured Activities
Plant several different types of carnivorous plants to take home with you!
View thousands of carnivorous plants from all parts of the world.
Learn how hundreds of types of plants capture and digest insects.
Learn how to grow carnivorous plants at home.
View a short film about a carnivorous plant expedition in South America.
Plant an amazing Sensitive Plant with leaves that close instantly -- and bring it home!
Learn about the wetland habitats where carnivorous plants grow in the wild.
Learn why plants become carnivorous.
Learn what needs to be done to protect carnivorous plants in the wild.
View a short film about the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Organic Farm Adventures

Organic Farm

     A day to really play in the dirt, our organic farm features over 20 types of fruit trees and dozens of seasonal vegetable varieties.

Featured Activities
Plant your own herb garden to take home with you!
Learn the best ways to plant and organically grow over a dozen different types of vegetables.
Learn how to control insect pests without using chemical pesticides.
Grow your own pineapple plant using a method patented by the Georgia Nature Center founder when he was 13.
Learn how to fertilize plants without chemical fertilizers.
Learn how to control garden weeds.
Learn how to harvest and store organic vegetables.
Plant or harvest vegetables (when available).

Next Generation Home Adventures

Next Generation Home

     Campers will view the “Next Generation” Home — an underground solar-powered home running solely on clean electricity!

Featured Activities
Learn about different types of environmentally-friendly home designs.
Learn about energy-saving appliances.
Tour the Next Generation Home.
Learn about earth tubes for geothermal cooling.
Build a concrete model of an underground home with a living green roof.
Learn about environmentally-friendly building techniques.

Hiking & Art Adventures

Hiking & Art

     Campers will venture through many of Georgia Nature Center’s five miles of hiking trails, viewing wildlife, small waterfalls, and native orchid species.

Featured Activities
Create a color-changing solar necklace or wristband you can keep.
Explore hiking trails throughout the preserve, learning about native plants and animals.
Play a game with water balloons to learn about ways to save water.
Create amazing sunprints from leaves and other objects collected on the preserve.
Build a natural bird feeder with items collected from the preserve.
Create your own recycled paper you can take home and use for art projects!
Test water quality and look for animals and insects in creeks and springs.
Play a recycling game to learn how to best recycle at home.
Enjoy a bonfire & bake food using your solar-powered oven (weather permitting).


The order in which adventures and projects occur may vary due to weather. Some camp activities detailed above are subject to minor changes based upon weather, availability of materials, etc.

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